Advising Professionals

For three decades Attorney Horne has provided advice and counsel to professionals in their employment relationships, both in  direct negotiations and in an advisory role (as circumstances may require or her client may prefer).  She has provided critical assistance in the formation of business relationships, in the negotiation of contract terms, in the evaluation of compensation and benefit packages, in making preparations to leave those relationships, in the termination of those relationships and the enforcement of rights accrued in those relationships.

  • Vicki has advised physicians in varied medical practices and in a range of positions, from  Residents to the Chief Medical Officer.  She has represented practicing physicians in the hospital setting, in Academics, with small group practices, and as contract physicians.
  • Vicki has counseled lawyers entering, changing and terminating their legal practice relationships.  She has counseled other lawyers through difficult relationships with firm members, with clients or with the business itself.
  • Vicki has guided Managers,Officers and Directors of companies large and small through difficult employment relationships, in the management of those relationships, in addressing compensation and benefit issues and, in some circumstances, the termination of those relationships.
  • Professors, administrators and managers in the academic arena, and at every level, have sought and obtained the professional services of attorney Horne.  That has included successful efforts at forestalling or overcoming adverse employment actions, positioning employees for advancement or ensuring equal treatment in the employment relationship.
  • Employees of public entitles, government organizations and privately-owned businesses in all aspects of the employment relationship.

The focus of Attorney Horne is on working to a resolution that is consistent with the circumstances and needs of the client she represents.